Charlottesville Tom Sox at Harrisonburg Turks


Charlottesville Tom Sox



Harrisonburg Turks


July 2, 2019 | 7:30 pm


By Libby Davidson

HARRISONBURG, Va- The Tom Sox defeated the Harrisonburg Turks 11-8 on Tuesday night, behind a 4-for-5 performance from VCU’s Josh Simon.

Charlottesville got off to a tough start at Eagle Field, posting no runs in the first inning but giving up four to the Turks.

Both teams put up scoreless second innings, but the Tom Sox came out hot on the top of the third and tacked on three runs. Thomas Francisco (ECU) started things off and brought one home, then Trey McDyre (Liberty) brought home two with his RBI double. With adrenaline pumping, the Tom Sox held the Turks scoless in the bottom of the frame through the work of Maddison Furman (VCU).

Ramon Garza’s RBI double in the top of the fourth tied up the ballgame at 4-4.

After holding the Turks scoreless for three straight innings, Furman retired from the mound and was replaced by Kirby McMullen (Florida).

A dull fifth inning with no runs from either team had the Tom Sox stirring in the top of the sixth. Josh Simon provided the action with a home run, sending himself and Gregory Ryan (VCU) home to produce a 6-4 lead.

Walker Imwalle (Davidson) extended the Tom Sox’s lead to 7-4 on a sac fly in the top of the seventh.

Simon continued his impressive night with an RBI single in the top of the eighth. In the bottom of the frame, Kirby McMullen (Florida) returned to the mound and held the Turks scoreless for the third straight inning. On the night, he had five strikeouts. The Turks made it close in the eighth after a 3-run home run from Harry Brown.

The Tom Sox came into the ninth inning with a purpose and an RBI double by Greg Ryan gave the Tom Sox a 10-7 lead. The inning wasn’t over yet and neither was Simon. He tacked on his fourth RBI of the night to bring the score to 11-7. On the night, Simon contributed 5 of the team’s 11 runs.

The Tom Sox begin a three game homestand tomorrow (7/3), taking on Strasburg at C-VILLE Weekly Ballpark.


Date Time League Season Full Time
July 2, 2019 7:30 pm Valley Summer League 2019 90'


229-283 South High Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, USA


Charlottesville Tom Sox11Win
Harrisonburg Turks8Loss