NewsPlex – July 1 – Mascots for a Cure comes to Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — Before hosting Covington Saturday night, the Tom Sox hosted a Mascots for a Cure night with all proceeds going to the Bradley Jackson Fund. Click here to see video.

Bradley Jackson was a patient at the UVA Children’s Hospital in 1996, where he was undergoing treatment for cancer. After his death, his family started the Bradley Jackson Fund to help families with the extra expenses that go along with have a sick child.

“There are other expenses, rent, utility bills, those types of things that need to be covered,” said Jackson’s sister, Leanne Link. “So Brad’s Fund helps families cover those expenses and hopefully give them one less thing to worry about while their children are fighting this important battle. But for the Tom Sox to recognize the fund and support it in this way means a great deal to my family.”

Mascots for a Cure invited several local mascots to help raise money to donate to the fund, including UVA’s Cavman, the Tom Sox’ Lewie and Cosmo the Sheepdog.